Hello, Birls and Goys…

It was a CRAZY Christmastime, full of love, illness, family, illness, and MORE illness… and FINALLY, we’ve made it through!!

Photo on 1-26-15 at 2.03 PM #2

So, I finished my FREAKING DIFFICULT Pattern Drafting Procedures class, and after pulling my hair out a few times, am SO PROUD of myself!! This was BY FAR the most intense (time-wise and learning curve-wise) class that I’ve taken, and it wasn’t even my only class!! My patience for getting this Fashion Design degree finished is wearing a little thinner, and I’m only halfway done! But that’s better than just getting started, eh?

ANYWHO… the children and hubby are lovely, LIFE is lovely – and challenging. I still have a hard time when people fall by the wayside (whether it’s friends leaving or lives going in different directions, or even divorces of people we care about). I guess I just love people too much, and it’s hard to let them go – I just want to keep everyone with me!

I’ve been designing some great pieces for possible future projects, and I’m VERY excited at the prospects. Just gonna KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON…

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