For this class, I recently created a set of paper dolls (loosely) based on 1905 through 2005 womens fashion, including one look for each 10 year span.  I am SUPER excited, I think they turned out rather well!!

I chose to do paper dolls because I LOVE illustrating, and I have ALWAYS wanted to create a set of paper dolls; I used to play with older paper dolls as a girl, and just loved them!!

I also think I learned a lesson about researching a bit more into the accuracy of the periods, because I think I got some of the designs off a bit.  Some were my own interpretations of those styles, and I think next time I’ll go for extreme accuracy.

I definitely hope one day to be able to publish these, as well as other sets of paper dolls.  I have LOTS more ideas kicking around for themes, BELIEVE ME!!

Paper Doll 1 small

10s small 20s small 30s small 40s small 50s small 60s small 70s small 80s small 90s small 2000s small

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