SO, I’ve been away WAYYYY too long, but when you’re as busy as I am, it’s difficult to update!!

Anyways, here’s the deal:

ADVANCED SEWING was FANTASTIC!!!  I made the following jacket:

MILLINERY was even MORE FANTASTIC, resulting in THESE:

The school chose to display my rose creation.  Pretty exciting!!

And then, home to my four kids and the hubster.  LOVE my life!! But I’m EXHAUSTED!!!


NOW, I have just decided to do a bit more fashion illustration and refine my style a bit more.  I forayed into Instagram yesterday (really! I had, like, 5 pictures, total!) and I’m SHOCKED that people are actually really reacting well to them!! I’ve painted portraits for years, but thought that there wasn’t much demand for fashion illustration in the art world.  Just thought I’d throw my work out there for fun.  I’m so glad people are loving what I do – that makes it so rewarding to share!!  I think I’ll do one a day and see how this little experiment grows!!  Plus, I can only imagine it’ll help my style tighten up a bit more.

Here’s some of the works I’ve done on IG:


Now to help my eyesore of a website!!  Bleh…


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