I had the opportunity to learn how to create a fashion show (The SLCC Senior Fashion Show, 2018) from start to finish. I was involved in many of the aspects of the show, (as well as other students in the class) including:

  • Styling the models for the initial advertisement fashion shoot with my own wardrobe pieces
  • Illustrating the poster from the photos taken:

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 3.23.39 PM

  • Planning and staging the set design including plant rentals, purchase of moss, astroturf (cutting to the right shapes), chicken wire for structure for the elevated runway, burlap, rope, flower petals, etc.
  • Setting the mood with the right lighting & music planning (part of that got scrapped, unfortunately, because of complications that night)
  • Provided a nature soundtrack from the jungle in Myanmar (recorded by my husband) – (scrapped because of circumstances beyond my control)
  • The styling of my own personal live model (man in tropical outfit + sunglasses + fuschia vintage scarf & vintage necklace)
  • The breakdown of the show afterwards
  • + other details…